Call for Stories: PPE & safety hazards for women in the workforce

PPE that doesn’t fit is a safety hazard. 

It's a topic that we care about a lot and want to talk about on our page. 

We want to highlight what needs to change and where powers need to shift, from where PPE is created or procured, to the people who has the power to demand better fit, to the end users who directly experience the issues of ill-fitting PPE.

What are the challenges that women are facing that don't allow them to have a voice at the table? What can we do to empower women in the workforce who are facing this challenge?

We are seeking people in the safety and mining fields to share with us their experiences. Are you a worker who has a story about ill-fitting PPE you can share with us? Do you have experience in trying to set or change standards in the field of PPE? 

Reach out to us at Covergalls to tell your story!

You can email joanne [at] covergalls dot com or DM us on our Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn pages. 

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