Celebrating Women’s Entrepreneurship Day: Advice and Habits to be Successful

Have you heard about Women’s Entrepreneurship Day? It's a day, celebrated globally, on November 19 that acknowledges and honours the hard work of women who own their own businesses. Amazing!

At Covergalls, we love to see, celebrate, and (if we're lucky!) meet amazing, creative women who demolish challenges and build empires.

In honour of today we asked some incredible women we know for some insight and advice: Emily Soloby, CEO and Founder of Juno Jones; Brianne Valdes, Creative Director of BV Creative, and Emily O’Brien, Founder of Comeback Snacks!

Meet Emily Soloby, CEO and Founder of Juno Jones

What inspired you to develop your idea?

Emily: I've always been entrepreneurial, and I've always loved boots. As a teen I would take the high speed line to Philadelphia, and either go stand outside music venues and sell t-shirts I had upcycled into my own designs, or hang around South Street and explore all of the amazing shoe stores like Zipperhead. Every once in a while I'd have enough money saved up to actually buy myself a pair of killer boots. So it makes sense that entrepreneurship and boots go hand in hand with me!

The idea for stylish safety boots came to me out of necessity. In 2009 my husband and I took over a family business-- a truck driving school and transportation safety training firm. As an executive, I'd be going from client meetings to truck driving sites, and I couldn't find boots that protected my feet but also looked good with my clothing (not to mention fit well!). I began talking to other women in hazardous industries and I realized I wasn't alone. Because of my love of boots I had already taken footwear making classes over the years, so I decided to study shoemaking further, and create the boots that I wanted myself. That's how Juno Jones was born.

One habit/ thing that you do that helps you be successful?

E: My grandfather taught me to always treat everyone with respect. After law school I worked at a few different jobs, and I just couldn't believe the way some of the bosses spoke to employees. They even got red faced and yelled sometimes, which completely blew my mind. I knew this was no way to build a team or to create a positive company culture. As leaders, we are only as good as the people we surround ourselves with, and so I make an effort to ensure that everyone feels great about the work they are doing, feels a part of something bigger, and knows how much they are appreciated. 

Any advice you can give for starting your own business /being an entrepreneur?

E: I believe that to be a successful entrepreneur, you cannot be afraid to put yourself out there. Even if it does not come naturally to you, you have to take those leaps and introduce yourself to the world. Whether it's by writing a blog about yourself, doing interviews, or speaking to a group, it's really important to get out of your comfort zone and to allow people to get to know you. For private people, this can be hard, but it will be more than worth it. And as a huge bonus-- you will will be rewarded with new friendships and connections that can last a lifetime.

Meet Brianne Valdes, Creative Director of BV Creative

1.What inspired you to develop your idea?

Brianne: BBV Creative is a creative agency that specializes in branding, design, and photography.  We help small businesses and individuals convey the essence of their brand through elevated storytelling and design so they can reach their personal or business goals.  Based on my experience so far, this typically means working with people who are extremely passionate about what they want to do, and the message that they want to convey. For me, that passion is not only relatable, but it is contagious and energizing.  Ultimately, it makes me want to get involved and assist in taking a small idea and turning into something big and beautiful.

2. One habit/thing that you do that helps you be successful?

B: One of the most important lessons I have learned is that by focusing on what I love to do and letting my passion for creativity and business lead the way, new opportunities will continue to present themselves.

I also believe that by being committed to building and sustaining valuable relationships with my supporters, customers and my community, I have been blessed with so many unique challenges and opportunities to collaborate.  I am endlessly grateful to those who have trusted in my abilities, and who have supported me in this journey.

3. Any advice you can give for starting your own business/being an entrepreneur?

B: To me, success means being able to deliver value by being honest and authentic to myself and to my clients.  When you are trying to define and achieve your own definition of success, ensure that you are always in alignment with your own goals and values.

I am also constantly reminding myself that no one can be an expert without first being a beginner. I believe that it is also equally important to stay a beginner and to continuously be brave enough to be bad at something new.  Stay curious, be courageous, take leaps of faith, and remain committed to both failing and succeeding along the way.


Meet Emily O’Brien, Founder of ComeBack Snacks

1. What inspired you to develop your idea?

E: What inspired me to develop my idea was two fold- for one to recalibrate my life by making my own personal comeback after I was sentenced to four years in prison, and two to help others-especially the formerly incarcerated-do the same.

2) One habit/thing that you do that helps you be successful?

E: Get out there. In person connections-no matter where you are-really help amplify your network, build trust and show people you care.


3) Any advice you can give on building a business/ being an entrepreneur?


E: Perfect the craft of telling your story and fighting for your mission. The more you can share in interviews, public speaking, meetings, and even to complete strangers, the more relatable you can become, and that way the more people you can serve. 

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