Cold and Flu Season is here - time to mask up!

Masks are now common to see being worn in communities across Canada. This culture shift in North America is one we have seen happen over the past two years, as we've lived through the COVID-19 pandemic's waves.

Every year we see the cold and flu season arrive. It starts with a small tickle in the back of the throat, a runny nose, feeling more tired then normal. Then, in what seems like a flash, the whole family is sharing Kleenex and cough drops. 

Nationally, the 2019-2020 influenza season in Canada began on the week of Nov 17 - 23, peaking in late January and ending abruptly in late March (eight weeks earlier than average). The reason for the early end was the number of public health measures put into place due to COVID-19. Many wonder how this year's cold an flu season will look - similar or different?

"Any of the other respiratory viruses adding to COVID will make things worse, no question," told Dr. Allison McGeer, an infectious disease specialist with Mount Sinai Hospital, to CBC reporters. 

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Officials have warned that this year we could see a harsh flu season for this, and other, reasons. In British Columbia, this has led to the health ministry to offer free flu vaccinations to everyone in the province aged six months and older (children younger than that aren't eligible to get the shot). 

Why you should get the flu shot

Similar to COVID-19, cold and flus are viruses which rely on transmission to spread. Now that people have returned to work, it's good practice to continue (or return) to the health measures we used last winter: wash your hands, use physical distancing, wear a mask, and stay home if you are feeling unwell. 

During the 2020-2021 flu season, there were only 79 laboratory-confirmed cases of influenza. The previous year over 54,000 influenza cases were reported. Learn more in the FluWatch annual report

Wear a mask this cold and flu season

Before the coronavirus pandemic, there was seldom a push for the cultural practice of wearing a face mask when ill. Masks have since been proven to be effective in preventing the transmission of respiratory illnesses such as COVID-19 and influenza.

So - it's time to mask up!


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Stay safe everyone!

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