Meet the Covergalls Team

Meet the Covergalls Team

Happy International Women's Day! 

As a woman-owned business, March is always special to us. Already amazing stories of women are flooding our timeline, and we love it. To all the women out there: keep at it!

To any newcomers - welcome to our page! We're so happy you found us. In honour of today we want to re-introduce Covergalls and our amazing team members:

Who are we? 

Covergalls Inc. is a Sudbury, Ontario-based organization that specializes in designing safe, inclusive, and comfortable workwear for women working in industrial roles. Our collection includes personal protective equipment (PPE) such as pants, shirts, jackets, gloves, and face masks. Our most popular product is our covergall, the female coverall. The design (which has been featured on Dragon's Den twice!) improves on the functionality of your typical coverall. It's a coverall designed by and for women, offering unique features such as a rear trap door for easier bathroom breaks and tailored fit for improved safety.

Since our inception in 2014, we have evolved to be so much more than just a workwear company! We now exist to conquer three main pillars within the industrial trades sectors: health and safety, diversity and inclusion, and education and advocacy. Our workwear collection has also expanded and we now offer touques, crewneck sweaters, and flannel shirts. 

Right now our face masks are on sale - 25% off! - and make sure to visit our Instagram account today to hear about our International Women’s Day GiveAway.

Meet the Team!

Alicia Woods, Founder and CEO of Covergalls Inc.

Mary Louise Squissato, Corporate Business Management 

Emily Gillespie, Online Business Manager

Joanne Pearce, Public Relations & Writer


Savannah Coffey, Social Media Coordinator


Cora Gillespie, TikTok Content Creator

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