A Group Of Women In Sustainable Work Clothes (Covergalls Coveralls)

Building For Tomorrow: Sustainable Workwear for a Safer, Greener Future

Step into a new era of workwear designed by women, for women, with both inclusivity and sustainability at its core.

For over ten years, Covergalls Inc. has led the way in safety-focused workwear, offering everything from coveralls to gloves. Two years ago, we took a step further by introducing the High Visibility Tee. It marked the beginning of our latest innovation: The CG Sustainability Collection

What makes the CG Sustainability Collection stand out?

Great question! Our workwear, crafted from recycled plastics, seamlessly integrates advanced textile technology with safety and functionality. As a women-led company deeply committed to quality and inclusivity, we see our CG Sustainability Collection as an embodiment of empowerment and eco-consciousness. It's workwear that not only meets safety standards, but also mirrors our dedication to the planet. Our goal? To foster workplaces where every woman can stand tall, feeling both protected and deeply aligned with her values. 

How does blockchain technology play a role?

We use blockchain technology to allow our customers full transparency to the supply chain process. From the collection of plastic bottles to the manufacturing of eco-threads for the shirts, every step is traceable and accountable. 

Join the movement and make a difference

Covergalls' CG Sustainability Collection is more than just a clothing line: it's a statement. By choosing eco-friendly workwear, you are not only supporting sustainable practices but also contributing to a cleaner, greener future for all.

For a limited time, shop our CG Sustainable Collection April 22-24th and save with: EARTHDAY. Let's dress with purpose and make a positive impact together!

Get in touch with us to discover how we can assist you in crafting personalized and sustainable workwear uniforms tailored to your workplace needs.

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