How often should you replace fabric masks?

We realize and understand the importance of replacing the fabric masks we wear often.

Question is, how often should you replace your fabric mask?

The fabric face mask has become the go-to accessory this year, with mask mandates and public health experts strongly urging people to wear fabric masks in any setting outside the home. This, as we know, has contributed to the booming demand for branded masks in the promo industry. Fabric masks still need to wash regularly. And, because of that, your mask will actually become less effective the more you wash it. 

Loose Fit: If the mask is stretched out and no longer fits snugly to your face.

See-Through: If the material is see-through when held up to the light.

Repeated Adjustment: If the mask is missing straps, loose-fitting or otherwise in need of adjustments that require the wearer to repeatedly touch it.

Rips or Tears: If the fabric is ripped, even on the sides or a part that isn't directly over the wearer's mouth or nose.

This is especially important for those who wear them every day, like workers who cannot work from home. For businesses, this means supplying face masks in sufficient numbers to workers so they can be sure to wear an effective mask while they’re on the job. 

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