LIFESTYLE | How To Stay Warm and Stylish This November

LIFESTYLE | How To Stay Warm and Stylish This November

November is here! It means that we've officially arrived at the time of the year where we try to balance looking chic while staying warm. 

It's a very Canadian experience and struggle. Our country is known for its mountains, piles of snow, and cold winters. Ontario's weather forecast this year has also predicted an early start to winter for some regions. Last year, the first snowfall came right at the turn of the month on Nov. 1. This year's first measurable snowfall has yet to arrive but we are in the second year of La Niña.

According to Environment Canada, La Niña tends to be linked with winter weather that includes more rain and snow than average in areas like Ontario and Quebec. 

With weather like this on the way, what outfits should you wear this season to stay warm? 

Layered fit 

In Canada, learning how to layer your clothing is key. Layering is what will help you manage the maddening Goldilocks struggle of staying not too cold or too warm. It also gives you the opportunity to play with adding various pieces of clothing from your wardrobe. Remember to throw on lighter layers underneath - this can mean putting on tights or a thin turtleneck or having a few options under a pull over sweater. 


A few accessories can help you pull together your outfit. What that means is flexible and up to you. It could be adding a nice pair of shoes, a new necklace, a warm hat and mittens, or a cute matching face mask / outfit with your dog!

Does it "Spark Joy?"
This year (and last) has been unique in lots of ways for fashion due to the pandemic. Many of us have started to work remotely, or have flex-work schedule. From a lifestyle perspective, this development have generally meant one thing: the desire to stay in comfy is at an all time high!

At the end of the day, we think it's important to pull on clothing that makes you feel happy and comfortable. Marie Kondo, a well-known organizer of households and wardrobes, is famous for asking, "Does it spark joy?" When you throw together your outfit this month remember to look for items that are not just stylish but comfortable, warm, and fit well too. 

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