Love Your Workwear, Not Just Today But Tomorrow and Always

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

No matter the industry you work in, you can support feeling comfortable in your own workwear.  

Too often we hear stories of women feeling alone, cold, uncomfortable, or even scared when working in oversized PPE. Covergalls Workwear was created to end those stories and instead give women safety clothing options that fit. We want you to prioritize your own well-being and happiness.

Today we are so thankful to have grown and been able to reach hundreds of working women across Canada. We love that our collection continues to grow and help keep you warm, safe, and happy, from our signature workwear pieces to our new branded cozy flannel, sweaters, and beanies. 

Our promise is to continue to grow and support you with gear that works. On this day of love, we celebrate with the call to #loveyourworkwear. 

Shop online between February 14th - 16th and you will receive an extra goodie with any minimum purchase of $75.00.