PRESS RELEASE: New CG Surveyor Vest Designed For Women Hits Shelves

PRESS RELEASE: New CG Surveyor Vest Designed For Women Hits Shelves

Sudbury company Covergalls Inc. steps up with industry client to bring diversity to industry workwear 


SUDBURY, ON, SEPTEMBER 6, 2023 | Confidence and comfort are combined in Covergall Inc.’s latest safety workwear which was officially released today. Canadian-made, the vest’s well-fitting design comes out of a commissioned project done with construction industry client, Lecor, to create a safety vest that specifically fits women working in the field. 

Mary Louise Squissato, Covergalls Inc.’s Corporate Business Manager, believes the vest is a much needed addition to the company’s current inclusive workwear collection.

“As is the case with many women working within the industrial sector, one way women in construction are seeking out equity is via proper PPE. Appropriately fitting PPE is one of the foundational steps an organization can easily make toward creating an equitable and inclusive work environment. I have been working on this project with Lora McMillan of Ledcor for almost 2 and half years and it is wonderful to see it realized.  We are excited to be in a position to offer a safer and more comfortable option for women at Ledcor and across all industries.”

The inspiration behind the new fitted gear comes from the passionate hard work of Ledcor’s Lora McMillan, Director of Special Projects and member of their Inclusion and Diversity Council.

“Ever since I started in the construction industry I have been on the search for construction gear designed specifically for women. Whether it is steel toe boots, work pants or high visibility gear I make a point to check regularly to see what’s available, which is usually slim pickings. Every once in a while, I google “women’s high visibility” and about three years ago Coveralls appeared in the search results. I became a fan of Alicia and everything she was doing to spread awareness in the mining industry, and when I joined Ledcor’s Inclusion and Diversity Council, I saw a potential for us to work together to continue spreading that message. At that time, there were little options available for high visibility vests, let alone the surveyor’s option that so many construction folks know and love,” says McMillan

Encouraged to make change happen, and more diverse workwear options readily available, McMillan brought several other industry players together to discuss ways in which an industry-wide workwear standard for women in construction could be implemented. The new surveyor vest is one project coming to fruition. 

Making ‘Staple Workwear’ More Inclusive 

A durable high visibility vest is key to keeping workers safe while doing their job, whether that be at a remote site, around construction equipment and other heavy machinery, or busy roads. It’s an everyday safety item - which is why it’s an important addition to Covergalls’ products. 

“This piece of clothing is actually a staple for so many people working in construction. I would say every construction management group has hundreds of these vests, and many trade groups do as well. This is a very clear identifier in commercial construction and is part of our “uniform” that we wear day in and day out, so it becomes a key piece of your identity.”

For those who don’t fit ‘standard’ sizing, such as women, a lack of options that actually work can be detrimental, and also feel alienating. Alicia Woods, CEO and founder of Covergalls, says the vest’s design is meant to address that feeling and continue to break expectations that ‘standard’ sizing works for women.  

“We wanted to make a vest that would allow our clients’ women to move freely and confidently while conquering tasks. It needed to be form fitting, but still comfortable, and also include personalized features that would help our clients’ workers while out in the field. It’s been great working with Lora and Ledcor to create this vest and I know it will be something women across all industries will be able to use.”

Like the rest of Covergalls Inc. products, the Surveyor Safety vest meets workwear safety standards as a CSA Z96-15 Class 2 with Level 2 High-Visibility, with Fluorescent Orange colouring and 4” Yellow/Silver/Yellow Striping. 

Made of 100% Polyester Poplin 300D x 300D, the Covergalls’ Surveyor Safety Vest includes a harness opening to allow for easy wearing, cooling underarm mesh vents, a front closure with 3 antique brass s-spring snaps, and 2 grommets for tape feed and hooks. With 12 bartack reinforced pockets, the vest also ensures generous storing capacity for an array of work instruments.

Including Special Features

A surveyor’s vest is not just about improving safety through high visibility. Vests are also specially designed to help workers carry and access a variety of important tools during their work. Along with its specialized fit, Covergalls’ vest offers a number of personalized features, including:

  • 7 front pockets, with 6 pockets having security tabs 
  • 5 inside pockets, with 4 pockets having security tabs
  • Designed to grant additional tool or tablet storage in a large rear zippered pouch pocket
  • 2 radio phone clip straps
  • A back ruler slot 
  • 2 pen pockets

As a staple piece of workwear, The Surveyor Vest blends together safety, comfort, and inclusivity. To purchase your own safety vest visit for more information and Covergalls’ blog to read our in-depth interview with Lora McMillan on our new vest. 

About Covergalls Inc.

Covergalls Inc. is a Sudbury, Ontario-based company specialized in creating inclusive personal protective equipment for women. Inspired by her female mining experience, creator and founder Alicia Woods caught herself wondering why, with so many women joining unconventional careers, did they wear garments designed for a male's body type? The reason was simple – they didn’t have a choice. There were no coveralls for women available on the market. This is where the idea for Covergalls Workwear was born. With unique features like a rear trap door for easier bathroom breaks and tailored fit for improved safety, there finally is a garment designed by women and for women working in the industrial sector. Covergalls is the next step for industries, taking workplace diversity to workplace inclusion. Join us in being part of the change! 

For any media inquiries, or to arrange an interview, please contact:

Joanne Pearce

Communications & PR Specialist, Covergalls Inc. 

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