Resources and programs for Ontario women in trades: Part one

Have you ever considered going into the trades?

There are many resources and programs for women that can help introduce you to the types of jobs you could do, the training you can get, where to find mentorship, and more. 

We've compiled some places to check out below.

Getting started 

We encourage you to explore your options! Before starting any apprenticeship, job, or program, it will help you in the long-run to narrow your focus. What trades are you most interested in doing? What does that work look like? What are the working conditions? Are there any people/organizations who are doing work that you admire?

Make sure to check out your local associations, colleges or universities, and unions in your area for other programs geared to women. 

Training and Mentorship Opportunities  

There are national organizations that operate across Canada which you could also consider joining, such as:

Bursaries and grants 

Tradesperson’s Tools Deduction – The Canada Revenue Agency allows you to deduct up to $500 of the cost of new (eligible) tools purchased for use in your job as a tradesperson.

Apprenticeship Incentive Grant (AIG) - a taxable cash grant worth $1,000 per level up to a maximum of $2,000 for the first two years of your training in a Red Seal program

The Apprenticeship Incentive Grant for Women (AIG-W) - helps you pay for expenses while you train as an apprentice in a Designated Red Seal Trade.

Want some inspiration? 

Read about Keeley Prockiw, a single mom in Edmonton, who is doing an amazing job as a Red Seal welder and rope access supervisor. 

The Ontario government is investing in Northern Ontario trades training - over $1 million dollars is being invested in two projects that will provide free training in construction to 645 people in Northern Ontario, prioritizing those individuals who come from remote First Nations and Indigenous communities.

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