Speaking with Alicia Woods: leadership and cool Covergalls plans on the way

National Boss Day was this past weekend! To celebrate, the Covergalls team decided to speak with Alicia and get some lessons on leadership and hints on what's to come soon at Covergalls. 

Any insight on what it means to be a boss/leader?

I truly believe that where I am, and where Covergalls is, is a reflection of the team. You're only as good as the support system that you have around you, whether that be employees, family, friends and colleagues, and I think I've been I've been very fortunate to have a strong support system around. 

Did you ever imagine Covergalls growing to this point? What helped you to get here?

I think I refer back to when I was five years old. For me, when I was five I spent a lot of time with my father in the shop in Marcotte Mining. I always envisioned one day filling his boots and being like him, and I watched the employees around him and they weren't employees. They were - it really, truly, was a team. He took care of them and it was this very two way, balanced relationship and I really admired that. I think that's what really inspired me to maybe one day be a General Manager and lead an organization and lead a team!

I don't like to use the word boss, it makes me think of "bossy," haha, but definitely a leader, one who coaches and inspires, would be more fitting for the approach that I have taken. 

Is there anything exciting that Covergalls is working on right now that you want to share?

We have lots of exciting things going on! One is the addition of maternity wear. We have been getting requests over the last couple years for maternity pieces but the requests have been few and far between. We're actually doing the designs and patterns right now and hope to have some feedback from our clients and Covergalls in the coming weeks. Further to the maternity wear we want to launch a lifestyle brand. A lot of the women who wear our product love the features and want to carry it over to the activities they do in their personal time. Whether it be hunting, fishing, being outdoors, I think we can definitely expand our product line there. We also recently engaged with Leslie Hampton, who is a fashion designer in Toronto and she has offered to look at our cargo pant!

Some exciting developments for sure! Make sure to follow us to get updates on these new developments and 

This month, Alicia was also featured on The Unlikely Innovators podcast with Mike Commito and Steve Gravel. Listen to Alicia talk about her journey in the mining industry and how she established Covergalls on Spotify or Apple. 

Spotify: spoti.fi/3Azws1F

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