The Perfect Gift for Mother's Day 2023

The Perfect Gift for Mother's Day 2023

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Alicia Woods, founder and creator of Covergalls.

Make sure to send appreciation to the maternal figures in your lives this weekend: Mother's Day 2023 is fast approaching. This Sunday, don't forget to send a VIP to your resilient working mom - i.e. a Very Important Present. 

Out of unique gift ideas? Why not shop a customizable gift of safety this year for mom. 

New mom, new gear? Check out out Maternity Piece
Mom loves sustainability? Check out our Recycled High-Vis Tee
Mom digs work? Check out our Accessories
Mom seeks new fit? Check out our Cargo Pants
Mom wants cozy? Check out our Lifestyle Collection
Mom rocks classics? Check out our Covergalls


Want more options? Learn more about what Covergalls Workwear has to offer by visiting our Homepage or email us Our team is happy to help answer your questions. 

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