We at Covergalls have collaborated with the Shoebox Project!

We at Covergalls have collaborated with the Shoebox Project!

Our mission is: to share empathy, kindness and compassion with local women impacted by homelessness through the collection and distribution of gift-filled Shoeboxes and messages of support. 

The Shoebox project was founded by the Mulroney sister-in laws in Toronto in 2011. The Mulroneys noticed that there were many different organizations who treated children to gifts at the holiday season but not their mothers. They decided that the women in shelters deserved some joy in the holiday season too. The project was born and they began to ask friends and family to fill a shoebox with some little luxuries that would make these mothers smile. Their first holiday the goal was to prepare 154 shoeboxes but by word of mouth they were able to fill 400 which was enough for four different shelters. 

After realizing that their “little” project could touch so many people, they expanded into the United States and the United Kingdom. So far they have brought 242,150 gifts to women in shelters, with the help of residents in their communities.

We at Covergalls have decided to collaborate with the Shoebox Project and donate masks for the holiday 2022 season! Help us, help these amazing women by:

  •  Purchasing a fabric face mask. When you purchase a fabric face mask on our website, a mask will be donated. 

If you want to be more hands on and participate in this amazing charity, please click the link below to access our fabric face mask collection! 

Fabric Face Mask Collection: Shop Now

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