Welcome To Covergalls' Blog!

Welcome To Covergalls' Blog!

Hello everyone! Covergalls is starting a blog to help talk about the work we do and topics we care about. It’s an exciting new journey for us. 

The decision to start this blog came from a desire to spark conversations and take action. This has been an unprecedented year, from the Australian wildfires and SpaceX’s launch to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, more than ever, we recognize how critical it is to be adaptable and stay informed as current events unfold. But what’s the easiest way to stay up-to-date on what’s happening? How can we, as a company, help our customers understand technical, environmental, and societal changes that are impacting us in our field and beyond? 

You see, Covergalls has become so much more than just a workwear company for women in mining. Alicia Woods, our founder and CEO, first took her idea to Dragons Den Fall 2014. Her inspiration to create women’s coveralls came from personal experiences at mining sites in Sudbury, Ontario. Facilities and equipment were made for male workers and Woods quickly realized how uncomfortable, and potentially unsafe, it was for women to move around the sites. 
Since then, Covergalls has evolved. We saw the bigger picture. There are women all over the world that work in male-dominated industries and face the challenges of workwear geared to men. We now offer gloves, cargo work pants, workshirts, winter gear, face masks and more for women across industrial and trade sectors. Our goal is to continue keeping women safe and to inspire, educate and equip them to break barriers within their fields. 

We want to grow further still. We hope this blog becomes a resource that people will use to learn about emerging trends and strategies, practical advice, best health and safety practices, and other trending topics. We plan to explore and offer personal stories, interviews, links, Q&As and other unique ideas that are insightful and surprising.

It’s an exciting opportunity and project for us that we can’t wait to start on, and we invite you to join us as we work on it.
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