Women’s Forest Congress Hosts Virtual Event Today

Women’s Forest Congress is hosting their virtual “An Arc of Experience to Inspire, Empower & Build” event today! 

Participants will listen, learn, and contribute with each other on topics under the five themes of the Women’s Forest Congress:

  • Leadership for Equity & Inclusion
  • Workforce Opportunities for Increasing Recruitment, Retention & Leadership
  • Women as Catalysts for Change
  • Addressing Today's Greatest Forest Challenges
  • Supporting Each Other

Alicia Woods, CEO of Covergalls, will be attending the event to speak on the thematic area of Leadership for Equity & Inclusion and its importance to the forest sector/community at 1:20 – 1:45 PM (EST).

Tune in to hear how Covergalls is championing diversity and inclusion, and raising awareness for gender equity, across industrial / trade sectors!

The day will also include many other inspirational speakers and panelists. View the Agenda here for a full list of the speakers and panels.

A sneak preview of what to expect?

  • A virtual “porch chat” on strategies to recruit, retain, and empower women in the forest sector 
  • Discussions on the greatest forest challenges and how to address them
  • A guide to forest bathing

While there is a history of knowledge sharing of the latest science and practices in forestry, the unfortunate truth is that the sector has less than 20 percent participation by women, and even less by BIPOC. 

What’s great about Women’s Forest Congress is that it’s a forum built to develop strategies and solutions for forests through a female lens. 

Forests are such an important part of our lives. Forest-based products are all around us, from the timber in our furniture and paper for our books to the tissue paper in the bathroom. There are also many “hidden” benefits like the air we breathe and the water we drink. 

We encourage everyone to browse Women's Forest Congress’ website. Their site features blog posts by amazing women in the forestry community and fun sharable materials (like below) from past events.  

Social media to follow today: 

Twitter - @WomensForestCng

Facebook @womensforestcongress

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