Wrapping up 2021: A Year in Review

It's hard to believe that in a few short days the year will be over. As we count down these last few days until the end of 2021, we wish to share our review and reflections for the past year. 

In 2021 face masks and virtual meetings became norms, Bernie Sanders became a meme, new pandemic waves and weather extremes hit, Canadians celebrated the first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation in September...and so much more. The world has really shown just how resilient we can be in the face of adversity. 

At Covergalls we continued our work to bring you great safety workwear that also helps women feel comfortable and confident. We also have made progress on our goal to empower and advocate for women beyond just industrial sectors and the workforce.

In the last year we have put out blog posts on topics such as public health, sustainability, opportunities for young women pursuing trades, lifestyle and fashion and interviewed amazing individuals who inspire us to get advice and insight. We developed our face masks further to meet evolving safety and comfort standards and made new connections at virtual events such as the Women's Forest Congress, the CanWeld Conference, WIM virtual events, and more.

We are especially proud of our initiative #WorkingGalWednesday. It has quickly become our favourite day of the week because we get to share incredible stories of inspiring women. This past year we had the chance to highlight over 50 amazing women! Thank you to everyone who shared their story with us.

Looking back on 2021 so much has happened. The opportunities and collaborations we have had are awe-inspiring. It's impossible to do justice in thanking all the incredible individuals we have met this past year, both old friends and new. We hope that you understand our sincere appreciation. Truly. Thank you for your commitment to creating positive change in the world. 

As we move into 2022 we want to keep this positive energy. Yes the world is facing new, and perhaps scary, changes. But women know how to thrive in the face of trouble! Where we struggled or failed, we've learned. Where we thrived or succeeded, we've celebrated. 

Overall we are so proud of the work we've done and everyone who has supported us. The past year has been one of meeting incredible individuals who share our passion for excellence, advocacy, change making. We look forward to 2022 with you all.

Best wishes, stay safe and happy New Year!

The Covergalls Team

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