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The Covergall Navy in FR or Poly Cotton 4" Triple Stripe

The Covergall Navy in FR or Poly Cotton 4" Triple Stripe

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Every feature of the Covergall is tailored to fit the shape of a woman better than any other coverall available on the market to out-function and outperform.
Experience the pinnacle of innovation in women's workwear with Covergall 2.0. Designed for both safety and comfort, our new and improved design addresses the specific needs of women in traditionally male-dominated fields.

Key Features:
 Comfort Redefined: The diamond-shaped crotch gusset ensures unparalleled comfort during extended wear.

✅Adjustable Double Velcro Waist with Rear Opening: Making bathroom breaks easier.

 Smart Storage Solutions: 10 multi-functional pockets, including discrete compartments for tools and feminine sanitary essentials, provide convenient accessibility.

 Inclusive Fit: The curved shape waistband and adjustable double Velcro waist guarantee a secure fit for all body types.

✅ Enhanced Visibility: Premium 3M Taping ensures optimal visibility, promoting safety in any work environment.

Durability Meets Style: Three-part front pants with knee patches for protection against wear & tear

✅ Tailored for You: Available in various sizes (XS-5XL), with an adjustable Velcro ankle tab for a personalized fit.

 Safety First: Various materials and colours with a two-way main zipper prioritize your safety on the job.

 Made for Women, By Women: Covergall 2.0 is not just workwear; it's a symbol of empowerment crafted by women for women.

🚀 Why Choose Covergall 2.0?
Empower your work experience with a workwear solution that combines safety, comfort, and style. Explore Covergall 2.0 and rewrite the narrative of women's workwear.


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